Conference Day One, Monday 20th June 2016

Conference Day One: Monday, 20 June
8:00 – 17:15
Conference Registration
9:30 – 18:30
Conference Exhibition
9:30 – 10:00
Hospitality and Exhibition Break
10:00 – 12:00
Opening General Session – Royal B

Welcome to the ARMA Europe 2016 Conference!

Join the opening general session to hear TED-style Talks on the hottest trends in the information world and our Keynote, providing a blueprint for running the IG marathon with compliance. These thought provoking presentations will kick-off your conference experience.

Whatever Happened to Good, Old-Fashioned Records Managers?

Dominic Johnstone | Crown Records Management

Records managers are still here – just in different guises. Twenty-five years ago, the records manager stereotype was a corporate librarian who knew how to store documents properly and locate them when needed. Then, desktop computing arrived, letting everyone look after their own documents and save money in the process. Now, there is so much data that we cry out for someone who knows how to find it, manage it, and realise it’s value. The General Data Protection Regulation will bring this into even greater focus, as citizens embrace a right for their personal data to be accessible and edited or deleted. Is it time to bring the records manager back to life?

Open Your Mind to the Future of Information

Alison North | International Ambassador, ARMA International

Let us explore the purpose of information and how it affects our lives. Is information irrelevant? Do we shape technology or does technology shape us? Will our profession survive beyond tomorrow? This short talk may leave you angry, excited, bemused – but hopefully with something to think about. It scratches the surface of the future of information and provides a platform on which to build a bigger conversation.

KEYNOTE: Truth or Dare: Can You Prove Compliance?

Gavin Siggers

Running an information governance (IG) marathon is a long and often difficult process. Keeping compliant throughout the race is an important and influential aspect that is typically overlooked. Recent research shows that while 87% of organisations have some kind of formal records and information management (RIM) program, only 8% measure compliance. A framework of basic RIM risk controls can help set expectations and provide a means to evaluate performance, plan for remediation, and benchmark against business goals and other organisations. The old adage of “what gets measured is what gets done” holds especially true when considering the financial, legal, and security risks of the explosive volumes of information being created across your enterprise. The complexity of controlling and managing information requires more than a standard RIM staff to ensure compliance for your customers, regulators, and shareholders. This keynote session provides a blueprint for managing such a complicated web of information.

12:00 – 13:30
Lunch and Exhibition Break
13:30 – 14:30
Information Lifecycle Governance: Taking a “Designed” Approach – Royal B

Nina Bryant; Clare Sadler, Ph.D.

This session provides a roadmap of how a major financial institution established an information lifecycle governance (ILG) programme. You will hear how one organization delivered effective records management (RM), e-discovery, and archiving services with the aim of improving ILG maturity and to meet legal requirements and reduce overall organizational risk. You will learn how the ILG team was established to develop and implement the programme: the ILG vision and supporting strategy, a new RM operating model, a global retention schedule, a methodology to support user adoption, the approach to underpinning archive and data map services, and the approach to remediating historical unstructured data. Join this session for major lessons learned along the way, including ensuring effective stakeholder engagement and overcoming barriers to successful implementation.

Marathon Man: How to Be an Information Superhero – Royal A

Paul Duller, Ph.D.

In 1938 Action Comics #1 introduced the world to Superman. Within a few years the skies of our imaginations were filled with mutants, aliens, and vigilantes. Less than a century later these superhero archetypes have gone on to become one of the most enduring genres of cinema today and the basis of our own twenty-first-century mythology. This session considers the characteristics, competencies, skills, and toolkits of these modern-day superheroes and discusses which of these we might want to nurture within ourselves to develop the “information superhero” that exists within us all.

14:30 – 14:45
Transition Break
14:45 – 15:30
The Competitive Edge: Simultaneously Managing Information and Protecting Personal Data – Royal A

Marja van der Made; Bernice Ibiricu

It’s a balancing act to satisfy the demands of privacy regulations while managing information and taking advantage of its value. This case study looks at the European Central Bank’s procurement of an electronic document and records management system in 2005 to present day retention implementation that observes the strict requirements of managing personal data. You will hear the strategy developed, the solution being implemented, the high standards and expected results, and an overview of information management and data protection integration, demonstrating accountability and compliance.

The New Mindset of Digital Archiving: A Case Study – Royal B

Jones Lukose Ongalo, Ph.D

Human existence has continuously sought to find information and preserve it. The act of preserving elements of human existence does not only feed to aesthetic functions but also to a fulfilment of societal accountability. In this digital culture of “data everywhere,” where information difficult to capture, store, or analyse, the demand for accountability is high, necessitating a redefinition of information management practices. Born in the digital age, the ICC Court has adopted an eCourt strategy, covering all aspects of its operations. Join this storytelling and narrative-style session to see how one organisation is solving the accountability challenge by redefining its records and archives functions towards information orchestration and less towards traditional preservation.

15:30 – 16:00
Hospitality and Exhibition Break
16:00 – 17:15
DIY: Designing Your Information Governance Model – Royal B

Diane Faulkner; Patricia Nivet, Ph.D.

Building an information governance (IG) structure from scratch for organisations that have little to no in-house expertise, resources, and budget can be very challenging. This case study provides hints and techniques to successfully design and implement a do-it-yourself (DIY) global IG model at minimal cost and maximum efficiency by using a structured and phased approach based on process improvement and change management methodology. You will hear DIY tips on how to get started and overcome hurdles to endure the race, as well as ideas for developing an efficient awareness campaign and re-boosting energy levels to finish the race.

17:15 – 18:30
Welcome Cocktail Reception